Agile Coach Camp Italy 2019 : SOLD OUT!

We are excited and happy to announce there will be a 2019 Agile Coach Camp in Italy and that we are SOLD OUT!

Here it is!  The un-conference for Agile coaches. The Agile Coach Camp Italy is a two-day highly collaborative, self-organized Open Space. It’s for everyone involved in coaching, training, mentoring, and helping organizations become more effective. It is a no-profit community-organized event.

The most defining elements of the Agile Coach Camp Italy are the incredible richness of peer-to-peer learning and the networking possibilities that arise. Communities, product ideas, life time friendships and business relations start at the Camp.

Participants learn about Agility and Coaching in unique ways: sometimes asking for help, sometimes participating in sessions about new topics they might have never heard before.

Thursday June 13th to Saturday June 15th, 2019.

Facilitation of the Agile Coach Camp Italy 2019  Open Space will be by Cecilia Maria Zannini.

As ACCIT is an international event, English will be the conference language.

Place: Hotel Lagorai (Trentino Alto Adige) /