We’re Back and Sold Out!

We are excited and happy to announce there will be a 2018 Agile Coach Camp in Italy!

Here it is!  The un-conference for Agile coaches. The Agile Coach Camp Italy is a two-day highly collaborative, self-organized Open Space. It’s for everyone involved in coaching, training, mentoring, and helping organizations become more effective. It is a no-profit community-organized event.

September 20th – 22nd, 2018.

Facilitation of the Agile Coach Camp Italy 2018 will be in English by Connexxo Trainer and coach Pierluigi Pugliese.

The camp will be held in Italy, on the East bank of Lake Garda at the Poiano Garda Resort.

We’re now sold out, see you there soon! Please contact any of the organizers with any questions you may have at: accitorganisers (at) googlegroups.com


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