Emiliano’s thoughts about the Camp

What a fantastic experience it has been!

I’ve known special people: people whose only objective was to collaborate and share ideas, knowledge, experience and thoughts.

People who know that in these cases the real result of the sum of two ideas is more than the algebrical result.

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Proceedings: “What is a coach” session, org. by Andrea Provaglio

What Is A Coach – Session organized by Andrea Provaglio – 07/05/11 10:00

[These are from my fragmentary scribbled notes — there is not everything and some things are interpolated from memory so these might not be the precise words that were said. — Matteo]

Andrea: there are many styles of coaching. I’d like you to answer these questions: “what is your intent?” “What tools do you use?”

Antonio (@acarpe): For me coach was “an XP coach”, someone who helps you learn XP techniques. I now think that a “coach” is a totally different role; he should work with an organization, not [just] with a team. The tools they use are from psychology, soft skills, etc.

Silvana: An Agile Coach is a superset of an XP Coach. XP Coach is a coach to a team.

Sven: for me it’s important to understand the difference between a consultant, and a coach.

Silvana: my *intent* when I coach is to increase performance.

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