Position papers from 2015 edition

Giardina Alessandro

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?

    Learn learn learn! Especially how to make teams grow and how to make feel people happy.

  2. How do you plan to contribute?

    I’ll contribute with my (poor) experience and my (huge) enthusiasm!

Tondi Gabriele

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?

    Last year was my first time at ACCIT. It was an amazing experience, I’ve learned a lot… one of my favorite conference ever. After the ACCIT14 I’ve quit my work to join an XP team.

  2. How do you plan to contribute?

    I plan to contribute bringing my experience in this, not trivial, change. I really can’t wait to be there!

Adriano Gasparri

Condividere con la comunità agile italiana competenze ed esperienze imparate sul campo.

Confrontarmi con persone brillanti riguardo i vari ambiti di applicazione dei processi iterativi ed incrementali all’interno di progetti avvincenti portati al successo.

Divertendomi lavorando su tematiche di frontiera, che ci permetteranno di migliorare ancora di più la transizione al mondo Agile dei nostri clienti.

Fabio Armani

I would like to participate @Agile Coach Camp because I believe in the importance of charing experiences, doubts, knowledge and passion with other Lean Agile Coaches.

  1. I plan to learn / explore at the camp:
    • new approaches, practices in coaching
    • how to engage better and deeper cooperation relationships with my coachees
    • new practices and new thinking tools
    • new games
  2. I plan to contribute with:
    • a set of field experiences (in different contexts)
    • lessons learned during Lean Agile coaching & consulting
    • more than 10 new Lean Agile Transitions since the previous Agile Coach Camp I attended

Pierluigi Pugliese

  • What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?
    1. Ways to expand the vocabulary of what coaching in agile means: IMO the field is still in its infancy
    2. Meet several old friends and possibly make some ones
  • How do you plan to contribute?
    1. Moderating the open space
    2. Proposing some sessions dedicated to explore how agility should be considered as a systemic change in an organisation and therefore needs to be seen also with the eyes of the organisational developer and not just the ones of the team coach


Marco Zanconi

  1. Like last year i found very useful “breath agility” during breaks or after the sessions, where everybody talked and share knowledge or experience about everything agile-related.
  2. With my personal experience as a (wannabe) coach in an enterprise environment

Daniele Megna

I’m in first a (junior) web developer, really interested and eager to know about the agile world and the “agile way to do the things right”.
I hope to learn a lot of new things about agile movement and practices, staying closely with a lot of experts for those days!
I hope to contribute mainly with my young inquisitiveness! 🙂

Daniela Cecchinelli

  1. I would learn and explore how to help different teams located in different countries using different agile approach and agile framework.
  2. I would like to contribute sharing my experience in agile transformation.

Danilo Visco

I work as an Agile Coach myself and I really look forward to share experiences with other people as passionate about Agile as me.
I’m also sure I will meet a lot of friends.

Roberto Romualdi

As usual the coach camp is a more than a fantastic opportunity where the experiences done by every coach in different areas are shared and can be improved by adding the ones done by the rest of the community.

I am personally interested to dig more in the dynamic
of “cross functional” teams, especially where they have to concur
running parallel activities to build a big global product release.

At the same time I am available to share my experience done in
running retrospectives with several formats and with teams pretty different in terms of mindset, dynamics, context, experience and skill composition.

Ivan Lombardi Borgia

  1. In the previous ACCIT I learned many things I didn’t ‘planned’ to learn, I hope this will happen again. I would be especially interested about the subject I would contribute (pair programming, see point 2).
    Another argument I would like to know more is the kind of involvement of an agile coach in a team, when and why should the role of the coach be “official”, when and why could a coach be or not regularly part of the team (I mean for example being one of the developers or an outsider helping the team but not “living” the team’s life), more in general I’m interested about the different types or relation between agile coach and team.
  2. I would contribute talking about my personal experience with the eXtreme Programming practice of pair programming, since I used it in the last 5 years about, for more than 90% of my developing time, with a vast variety of people/developers.
    I’d like to know other experiences about that, from who use it regularly but even more from who doesn’t (maybe because it seemed not to “function” as expected).

Marzio Cancellieri

  1. As a Tester I’m used to follow STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) Process:
    • requirements gathering;
    • test strategy / planning;
    • test case development;
    • environment setup;
    • test execution;
    • test cycle closure.

    These are typical of waterfall.

    Since I was introduced to Agile I learnt I have to change my mindset. Ok, as a Tester I’m used to embrace change. I read a lot on Agile, I’m learning to code in Java.

    As one of Agile school of thinking in how to building a Team, I’m not directly in a Team, but supporting several of them in QA phases, not Unit Test one, to let them being scalable on QA.

    I know there is a way to make Agile and STLC live together, no one Agile expert was able to show it to me, till now.

  2. I’ll bring my long-term experience as a Tester in different branches (providers, TLC, banking), now facing a Transition-to-Agile Company, engaged in combine concepts seemingly so far apart, pointing at the same goal.

Davide Bolognini

  1. I would like to learn some specific aspects of the Agile methodologies: 1) the best ways to make a grooming session; 2) as a developer (not scrum master) how to convince people opposite to the agile methods to use agile itself; 3) the best way to faced the problems that occured during a scrum sprint
  2. I would like to contribute to the camp with my experience in the “migration” from a waterfall to scrum technique considering all the related problems.

Luca Mor

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp
    E’ la mia seconda esperienza al ACCI. L’esperienza 2014 è stata estremamente interessante e ricca di spunti.
    Dall’edizione 2015 mi aspetto di trarre nuovi spunti per poter migliorare l’efficienza del team del quale faccio parte, scoprire e/o approfondire tematiche metodologiche ed organizzative, incontrare persone (nuove o già conosciute) con le quali scambiare esperienze, idee, opinioni.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    Come sviluppatore all’interno di un team scrum, conto di poter contribuire portando la mia esperienza nel day-by-day, sia per quanto riguarda l’organizzazione di un team (e le interazioni del team con l’esterno), sia per quanto inerente le fasi di sviluppo di un progetto, dalla pianificazione fino alla manutenzione del prodotto in produzione.

Sergio Monesi

Having worked for a supposedly Agile Company for some years, I’d like to see what’s going in the Agile World, hoping to get some insight on how Agile Companies really manage complexities and daily challenges. What can I bring to the camp? Complexities and daily challenges…

More specifically, a big multinational company needs things like planned releases, processes, tools, documentation, so how is it possible to balance these necessities with the values highlighted in the Agile Manifesto?

Also, as the architecture grows, how can we maintain technological coherence and limit complexity while leaving teams independent and “free”?

Mauro Ferratello

  • 2. How can I contribute…
    Am I a Coach? Am I a Scrum Master? PO? Manager? NO.
    I’m only an agile developer, with a lot of passion for agile. (My talk at last Agile for Innovation may be a clue).But I think the role in a company doesn’t make the difference as can do passion and belief.
  • 1. What I’d like to learn? Deeper knowledge of agile methodologies, and the secret coach’s techniques to inspire people to understand the importance of agile practices.

Daniela Pavesi

Understand how to contribute to apply agile method in a more efficient way, increase my knowledge about agile practices.

Keep in touch with other agile company in order to share experiences, failures and successes.

Share my experience in an agile company and the opinions that come from my business reality.

Dario Sala

  1. Since it’s my 1st time at Agile Coach Camp, i’m very interested in everything can help me in my daily struggle, converting the “anti-agile” ways of company management in “agile” ways towards my colleagues
  2. Telling my experiences

Paolo Sammicheli

  1. I’m an open and curious person, so I’m not focussed on single topics.
    Topics I may be interested include teams’ coaching, meeting facilitation, change management, agile scaling, lean startup, agile ux.
  2. I’m a PO in a Startup so I’m bringing my personal experience in setting up a new team/company, Lean Startup, Leadership, Product Management and Marketing. I’m also a Release Manager in the Ubuntu Community so I may talk about agile in open communities and larga scale continuous delivery.

Diego Medici

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?
    This is my second ACC and I would like in depth the topics of the last year.
    Spend 2 days in contact with top-level professionals in a casual and relaxed atmosphere
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    In this year, I have read in deep some topics that I would share with other.
    One of this are the “soft skills” that a developer (or a professional) should have.
    Which kind of carrier? Which kind of company? What are your goals?
    Marketing yourself with a blog, writing book, speaking, use social network;
    How to learn and teach yourself, and more and more as productivity, fitness and spirit.

Carlo Beschi

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?Listening to stories from the trenches of fellow coaches and practitioners. Interacting with them. Asking questions 😉
    Learning new tips and techniques – in the facilitation space, and beyond.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?Sharing my own experience (and doubts ;-).
    I’ve spent the last few years trying to experiment (and validate) this more modern – agile – approach to product development, in a number of different contexts (a small company, my own startup, a couple of bigger businesses) and with different hats (dev, PM, “coach”)

Raffaello Torraco

I’m a ScrumMaster and a NLP Coach and will be the first time that I can partecipate to this camp. I hope to deepen my knowledge of Agile and Change Management and to learn new ways to make coaching.
In the same time I think the effective comunication, the leadership, the capacity to focalize on goals are qualities mandatory for a coach, so the usage of NLP Techniques can make the difference during our Agile Coaching sessions. I’m fully available to share my skills on this theme.

Corrado De Sanctis

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    I want to find the better way to move open stories between scrum, having also a meaningful statistics about velocity.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    I’d like to share my experience in using tools to manage Agile team (JIRA, Trello, GoogleDocs,…). Also a particular point of view to manage overseas teams.

Mattia Battiston

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    I’d love to get new ideas and get better at helping teams and organisations improve. I believe people naturally want to do a good job but too often they are stuck in processes that don’t let them – I want to explore ways to remove those impediments.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    By sharing everything I know, listening to everyone and keeping an open mind. Recently I’ve been helping a few teams get started with Kanban and use metrics to improve their process and do forecasting. I’m more than happy to share my experience about it.

Alessandro Bonometti

Moving in an agile world is hard – keeping up to date is mandatory.
I plan to share my own experiences and esp. learn from others’

Thorsten von Thaden

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    On one hand I would like to explore if the questions that come up with agile are different in different countries. On the other hand I would like to benefit from the experience other peolpe made on their agile journey.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    I would like to share my agile experience. Maybe it could help other people. As well I would like to contribute by asking questions that might be the beginning of discussions that itself could lead to ideas about “experiments” that I or other participants could conduct afterwards in their company or project.

Marco Calzolari

I’ll be pleased to learn from all those top-notch agile people!

It would be nice for me to share some thoughts about organizations, human resources and “management” in the agile way.

Stefano Leli

Like all the others ACCIT I’m really interested to hear real life experiences, stories of success (…and failure), etc. from coaches and other people engaged to introduce agile methods in working enviroments.

I’ll try to contribute bringing my working experience as coach.

Giulio Roggero

I’d like to learn from other participants experience on projects. I’d like to explore descaling and new coding trends (useful and not).
I will bring my experiences on software projects as Product Owner, my thoughts about expectations of agile transitions and how Italian companies are approaching agile.

Fabio Ghislandi

For me it’s very important share my experiences with other coaches; I think I have much to learn and this a good occasion to do it. In this period I’m helping some company to become more agile: I can offer my experiences…

Boris Sclauzero

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    I have no defined plan (Isn’t it more “Agile” ? 😛 ).
    But I am sure that I will learn a lot more than I can expect.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    a) Interacting as much as possible with the other participants.
    b) During the last months i have studied how to make more effective my study methodologies. I’d like to investigate if and how these concepts can be applied also in teaching and/or in coaching.

Giovanni Puliti

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?
    Would like to have more information on the techniques that can be used in agile transitions; i’m particularly interested in how telling agile principles to people from management.
    I’m looking for tips for facilitating the agile transition in big companies.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    During this year I have had different experiences in the field of serious gaming. I attended the unconference #play14 in Luxemburg where I could see the work of various playing techniques applied to the retrospective, the problem determination, to teambuilding. I would like to share these experiences with the rest of the participants.

Angela Sanger

  1. I would like to explore topics on coaching, distributed scaled teams and management methods in line with agile values.
  2. I will contribute with my experience and enthusiasm :-). The last year I’ve been part of agile practices working/not working in large, multiple team realities.

Markus Wallburg

  1. My expectation to this camp is to
    • share experiances with scrummasters (from other countries)
    • discuss actual agile issues
    • get new impulses for my work as scrummaster
  2. My contribution for making this event successful is my 4 year experiance and knowledge as facilitator, scrummaster and kanban team coach.

Pietro Di Bello

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    Every year I look at the past year and I reflect on how my “definition” of agile coach is changed, and how I changed. Every year I think I got “the” essence of being an agile coach, but as time passes I realize I’m always at a new start, at a new beginning in learning how to be a good coach. So this year I want to learn how to be a better coach, how to improve my skills in helping others, how to handle conflictual people, how to build a motivated team.
    I’d also like to learn new ways of training people about the agile mindset with games.
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    Offering my experiences, my failures, my questions and my doubts.

Marco Trincardi

  1. This year will be my fourth participation to Coach Camp; can’t wait!
    The venue is fantastic and I’m sure people will be.I would like to discuss on how to have effective meeting / ceremonies with distributed teams.
  2. I will bring my knowledge and passion on agile topics.
    In detail I would like to contribute with my recent experiments on product discovery and lean change management

René Morschhauser

  1. Scaling agile methods to the hole company and cope with budgets in traditional companies.
  2. Asking questions and bring in my experience as a ScrumMaster for two teams.

Bernard Fruga

  1. I’m searching for inspiration in turning a silos based organization into a collaborative, goal oriented teams.
  2. I’m happy to share my extensive experience in assisting start-ups by building a common sense structure to the founders passion.

Marcin Lewicki

  1. First of all – learn how others do AGILE, how to scale it and solve problems. Plan for this year – glance effective ways to introduce Agile into a non-Agile organization or company.
  2. I’m certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner. I successfully introduced scrum/kanban in few polish startups – so I’ll contribute with my huge startup experience!

Daniela D. Rinaldi

I plan to learn to improve migration agile in building construction, in architectural design and interior design.
I tell you my experience in construction site, if someone is interested. 😉

Claudio Saurin

User Story mapping instead of standard WBS to develop hardware products.

Rajeev Nair

  1. What do you plan to learn / explore at this camp?
    • I want to learn from fellow agile practitioners
    • I want to explore how fellow participants are approaching certain challenges that I have faced in my coaching engagements
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
      I am an Agile coach and Business Analyst with over 6 years of working with XP teams. My knowledge of Agile has evolved over the years by working with great XP teams on the ground as well as watching and learning from few masters of the trade. I believe that sharing knowledge is as important as acquiring it and I will contribute to the best of my abilities to help my fellow agilists 🙂

Soumya Dutta

  1. I wish to learn and explore the various soft skill development in coaching techniques – primarily along the lines of team building, conflict resolution, expectation management and people satisfaction.
  2. I wish to contribute from my experience and knowledge of having worked in Agile with ThoughtWorks as a Business Analyst and Coach.

Sven Röpstorff

  1. I learned a lot about leadership in an agile environment and about the impediments of changing larger organizations. I would like to learn about scaling frameworks
  2. I would like to share these learnings and learn from others with similar experiences

Jacopo Baldanzi

I’m coaching “non-software” people and I’m looking for new ideas and ways to help them.
I will share my experience with all of you.

Luca Sturaro

  1. I would like to explore testing approaches in agile environments where sw releases are composed by multiple contributions of cross-functional teams (working in parallel) always keeping the eye on the entire product quality.
    I’m also interested in exploring some coaching techniques for changing team vision, supporting it and trying to prepare them for further transformation.
  2. I can contribute in sharing my experience on test automation (and manual tests also) in “not-pure-software” applications where hardware devices responses and constraints could lead to “false negative” results.

Davide Vernizzi

I work in a former starutp (now we are 30+ developers) as a full stack engineer. Since we grew a lot in the last two years, we hired many people and since I am one of the senior software engineer I have become the leader of 9 people.

Giving my previous experiences as a software developer I know little about team management, but I’m willing to learn. In the past I have experimented with different tools (Trello, Asana, Jira), but I’m convinced that I lack some knowledge about the methodology.

At the company where I work, we are in the middle of shift from a mainly oral information flow to a less verbal one. We began to use Slack as a main communication tool and we are now starting to use Jira. My secret goal is to transform the whole team into a remote one, so to achieve better work-life balance.

At the Agile Camp I would like to meet other people who had similar experiences. I can bring my experience of (mainly failed) past attempts and provide a real use case scenario to experiment with. Moreover, I am particularly interested in how to deal with old style managers and enterprise customers.

Dario Campagna

  1. I would like to learn more about the daily life of experienced ScrumMasters, and the role of the ScrumMaster as “”change agent”” in an organisation. I would know more about the use of games for group dynamics, and about ways/techniques/approaches to change people/organisation culture.
  2. Sharing my own (although limited) experience, and with a lot of questions regarding agile practices, methodologies, and tools.

Matteo Vaccari

I will bring to the Camp my experience and difficulties in working with an offshore team, when I am part of the onshore team. I’m hoping to get some help in becoming more effective in this situation.

I also will bring to the Camp the power of Extreme Programming! I will be happy to discuss how XP really works, why it’s the most awesome development method, and why it’s so difficult to get right.

Carpentieri Antonio

  1. What do you plan to learn and explore at this camp?
    I like simple things, not the easiest. I’d like to find new simple tools, practices, approaches to approach or resolve problems. I mean, I want to introduce X (TDD, DDD, XP, Scrum roles, etc) are we using the easiest or the simplest?
  2. How do you plan to contribute?
    Sharing current coaching experiences on technical as well as on organizational aspects and everything that worked using the hard and soft skills learned working with other coaches.